Achievements of the company

In 1978 Creation of an Al Gamil hardware store located on rue 13 in 1996 Creation of an Al Gamil supermarket located in the southern industrial zone with a warehouse with an area of ​​15,000 square meters in 2001 Creation of a Nougaprix supermarket located in the center -City with an entertainment room, a cafeteria and a restaurant in 2003 Creation of a tire and vehicle store for the Ethiopian trade in 2009 Creation of Al Gamil Supermarket near the airport roundabout in 2009 Creation by Al Galuxe dedicated to high quality furniture and in 2017 Creation of the largest hypermarket in Djibouti in the southern industrial zone

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The company's policy, entitled (Quality and Credibility), has obtained the respect and appreciation of too many local and international people, institutions and businessmen it has also received the honorary decorations to attend the international trade forum where the Group received the gold trophy for quality in the city of Geneva and one of the successes the confidence of large Arab and foreign factories to provide our Group with the exclusive distribution to sell their products in our market.

Activities of the company:

To import and market the main complete products required by the consumer with high quality and appropriate prices and to construct the buildings in the accommodation cities to modern, high level specifications.

Our Message :

To work on the supply and marketing of high quality products and provide special services, our commitment to continued performance development and optimal use of our capabilities and resources to achieve profitable growth and enable us to expand our Group and provide opportunistic jobs to help the country's economy